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Collaborative dispute resolution processes allow you to reach outcomes that you agree to, that are workable, and that are private.  Some people think that divorce is an expensive, ugly, drawn-out battle where nobody wins.  I help people reach a satisfying conclusion using Mediation.

In Mediation you are treated with respect.  You control how soon you resolve your dispute and get on with your life.  I facilitate and work with you to maintain important relationships.  I have over 33 years of dispute resolution experience.

Deb has offices in Vancouver and on the North Shore.

Articles + Events

Deb is a retired lawyer.

Throughout her over 30 years of experience as a Mediator & Lawyer, Deborah Lynn Zutter has provided training and written for various respected publications in the Mediation and Legal professions:

"Regulation of Mediation - How could this impact your legal practice?"

Article, with Kari Boyle. Published in Bar Talk. March 2006. (View Article)

"Disputants must be prepared for mediation"

Article, The Lawyers Weekly. December 15, 2006

When disputants and their lawyers are well-prepared for mediation, they are confident, the likelihood of reaching a win/win olution increases, client satisfaction soars and mediation participants begin moving toward settle ment at the joint mediation meeting sooner. (View Article: Part 1 | Part 2)

"10 Hot Tips from 10 Hot Mentors"

Presenter, Women's Forum, CBA, Vancouver. October 11, 2006

"Pre-Mediation Strategies"

Presenter, Okanagan Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, CBA, Kelowna. May 30, 2006

Justice Institute of BC - Authors Event

Presenter, New Westminster, March 28, 2006 and June 2, 2006


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Divorce Mediation (Book)

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"Divorce Mediation is visual, clear and easy to follow. For clients going through such a pivotal time in their family morphing, this book is a gem."

Jo-Anne Kates Weiler, Family Therapist

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